The strengthening the organizational capacities of NGO A Home For Every  Child

Project period: 01.04.- 31.12.2014

Funded by:

Project funded by the EEA NGO Fund grants through the Open Estonia Foundation.

The main activity  of NGO A Home For Every  Child has been solution of crisis situations of children and families  with chlidren with various social problems. So far, there has been no time or opportunity for long-term planning of activities, but there is a great need for this. Current challenges: to prepare the development plan using the principles of participatory to draw up a system for collecting donations to raise the NGO's financial capacity  to develop indicators for assessing the impact of corporate activities.

The main objective of the project is to  increase the capacity of of activities of NGO A Home For Every  Child.  Ultimate beneficiaries of the project are all chldren and  families  using the services of an NGO A Home For Every  Child.  The project resulted in changes: 1.Increasing of the quality and volume of services for children and families, which results is  degression the number of families in crisis.
2.Growing diversity of services offered to children and families, and in the region has increased the volume of services provided by network. The key partner of the project  is  the Charity Foundation Dharma with his experience, bud also the other ngo-s, local governments etc.