In 1995, the  Centre  NGO  A Home For Every Child prepared  its own training system based on national program (LOKtraining ©). It was for professionals, working with families with problems.Needs for trainings arose when the family politics became more important and  the country's social policy main direction was development of social services.

During this period the main task was to develop services that are closest to families and which is also the most economical for the country.

The formation and evolution of these services based on needs of this families which approached the Centre for help.The  results of work of the Center can be considered quite satisfactory (87% of cases has reached a successful outcome).Targets  are dynamically changed throughout the development period according to the social challenges and needs of families in the region.

Services are free for families.

Services provided: support person, support groups, counseling - psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, other professionals